is a luxury fashion label founded in 2020. A brand reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. The products represent ready-to-wear clothing that can be identified by its contemporary, modest, and chic look and we aim to feed the taste of A young elegant lady ,a stylish mom, Casual , comfy wear for men, Accessories /sunglasses.


The Logo 11:11:

is inspired by a hand gesture which means “peace”, “success” and symbol of luck. Each collection is inspired by a story behind it to develop a unique silhouette and creative cut among beautiful trims and fabrics, a high-quality manufactured outfit with affordable price which will be showcased annually in line with the international season [Autumn/Winter, Spring/Summer] and also capsule collections based on our local calendar [Ramadan, Eid’s]. Eleven Eleven will be available for purchase via website and application. We will list some new products continually and we Ship internationally.